The main loves of Dan's life are his wife, Marcia (34 years as of 6/6/14), their two daughters, and extended family, both his and Marcia's.

Dan jokingly refers to himself as a 'Jerk of All Trades," having worked/explored a number of different jobs and interests. On the serious side, he considers Leonardo Da Vinci one of his favorite role models, a person who attempted to be fully expressive in the arts, science, and his personal life.

Dan is now working during his weekdays as a Legal Software Workflow Resource for Rippe & Kingston, and after-hours as a musician/songwriter.

He is also offering Oasis, a Meditative Multi-Media Program, available for Home Concerts. Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer

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Dan... as Author & Editor

Yoga and the 21st Century Man, Fitting Yoga Into A Busy Man's Life
Click here for Dan's Yoga event calendar with his co-author, Roger Null.

... as Life Facilitator

Many people have now heard of life coaches, but  you may be scratching your head, wondering what the heck a Life Facilitator is. Well, it's pretty simple. Dan wants to serve to facilitate life, to make life an easier, more joy-filled experience for anyone who is interested.  He has developed a process over the years of his spiritual practice and studying human nature that he finds helpful and a number of family and friends who have tried it find helpful as well. This process can help those who are ready and willing to give it a try. It is NOT for everyone. However, for those who do give it a try, Dan guarantees that you will feel happier about your life. Some have experienced very dramatically positive results.

First sessions generally take 2 hours (which includes the 10 minute happiness portion). Follow up sessions can take as little as 15 minutes, depending on your desires and needs.

Call (513) 245.1288 to schedule a time to talk with Dan.

Dan has recently developed a companion seminar, Oasis, as an introduction and overview of his philosophy and life facilitation. Read more about it by clicking here.

Past Service/Jobs & Volunteer Positions:

2011-Present Client Service Representative/Workflow Consultant for Rippe & Kingston LLC
2008-2010 Senior Information Technology Consultant for Fiberweb, LLC
2006-2009 Board Member/Web Administrator -
Cincinnati Yoga Teachers' Association (CYTA)
2009-2010 Hatha Yoga Instructor
2002-2008 Information Technology Consultant - Diverse Solutions & Training (Main client - Fiberweb)
2005-2006 Board Member, Greater Cincinnati YMCA Child Development
1999-2001 Senior Information Technology Resource for BBA Fiberweb
1996-1999 Information Technology & Administrative Consultant, Editorial Consultant
1991-1995 Principal - Poinciana Day School, West Palm Beach, FL
1990-1991 Principal - Flagler Unity School (closed), West Palm Beach, FL
1985-1990 Language Arts Teacher - Ohio County Schools, IN
1981-1984 Truck Driver - Kluener Meat Packing, Cincinnati, OH

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