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Dan loves life and the human family. He shares that passion in the songs he writes, and in his performances of originals and covers.  His desire for his audience-community is for greater appreciation of oneself and the beauty of life, each day having a song in the heart - feeling good in the midst of challenges.

With 60 songs and more on the drawing table, Dan's songwriting talents span pensive guitar & piano instrumentals to fun sing-alongs, to love songs, and everything between.

His classical guitar foundation is evident in compositions and performance.  His participation in choirs, glee clubs, and bands during his childhood & teen years led him to the joys of writing and singing across the continuum of human emotion.

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In addition to performing at public venues. solo & with friends, Dan's original songs are perfect for intimate Oasis in-home concerts with YOUR spiritual family and friends or organization.

For Booking Information, contact Dan: 513.203.7003


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Dan's Audience Community Comments
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Marifran K. had this to say about Dan's music:

"Dan's music never fails to uplift me.  Love is the source of his musical writing, singing and playing. After I directed my clients to listen to Dan's music, one of them told me her ill husband had really needed to hear it." 

Bonne Peavy said in a Facebook post:

"Last evening I had the opportunity to enjoy an evening of music and song with Dan Erdman at Aroma�s Java and Gelato. He is an accomplished guitarist but it is his song writing that impresses me the most. Listening to Dan sing the songs he wrote I get the feeling of listening at the doorway of his heart as he sings about his love for his wife and family. It is also refreshing to listen to someone perform that doesn�t drown out the lyrics with their music. Dan strikes the perfect balance."

Here's what Michele Stegman, a writer from Indiana told us:

"I find myself humming a song during my day, then realize that it's one of Dan's."

Ann D. of Cincinnati, says this:

"Dan's performances are very entertaining. I enjoy that he has a lot of diversity in his music, from old songs to new, originals and covers. Each piece he performs has a unique flavor.  I enjoy hearing Dan live and will be at every show he does here in town, as much as I can.  I also love listening to his CD around the house. I�ve heard Dan play and sing since the 1970�s. Over those years, he has crafted his guitar playing and singing into a very beautiful sound. I�m telling all my family & friends about Dan!"

A comment about Dan's Music from Erica M., here in Cincinnati:

Dan graciously donated his time  to play at a wine tasting event I coordinated for the American Cancer Society last February (2010). The event was truly enhanced by his music, as the sounds from his guitar added a touch of class and created a nice ambiance to the room which otherwise would have been filled only with the murmur of the crowd. Everyone at the event made so many comments about Dan�s beautiful music that we asked him to play at our wine tasting again this year, which he has kindly agreed. I would highly recommend Dan as a musician if you are looking to truly enhance your  next event!


Would you like to experience a refreshing, relaxing break from your life journey?

Oasis creates an atmosphere in which each participant feels deeply loved - accepted just as they are.

Click HERE to read the comments below from past participants.

Click HERE or scroll down to read the Oasis Program Description

Click HERE to view Dan's Calendar to see when a public Oasis event is planned in your area.

**Marked song samples below are part of the Oasis Program

Oasis Program Description

Oasis is a live musical performance of Dan Erdman�s original songs accompanied by a photo/slide presentation & short commentary. During Oasis, Dan will offer a view of life & love, a view formed from what he has learned from his many, many teachers, especially in regard to the age-old question:  Who Am I? He also poses gentle questions tied to the theme of each song for further self & community exploration.

Oasis is intended to empower each participant to more fully enjoy life, other people, and each participant�s own identity.  It is intended to enrich perspectives. Most importantly, Dan decided to offer this program because someone listening to his music said it was like soaking in the unconditionally loving presence of God. He would like each participant to feel being loved absolutely and completely.

Participants are invited to bring pen & notebook for journaling, doodling, and/or note taking. In addition, there will be some opportunity for discussion. However, all are also welcome to just �soak in� the beauty, power, & peace of the music, words, pictures, & questions posed without having to take any notes or discuss anything.

Oasis is a presentation for people of any faith (including atheists), who want to explore new possibilities on their life journey or just enjoy life more.


Feedback from Oasis Programs:

"I was glad to be able to attend your OASIS event.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts in this way.  Your message is both simple and profound, and needs to be heard over and over again.  I feel that the experience gently moved me toward a little more openness to love, a little more healing and wholeness, and that is a BIG deal!  The day after OASIS I noticed there were extra blessings being given to me, as if God and the universe were immediately filling a space I had made for more love.  Thank you for helping me move in the direction of self-acceptance (dare I say self-love?) and inner peace."  - Mary K. Riestenberg

"Thank you, Dan. This was a day of some sadness for me and then I came to an 'Oasis'. I'll return there in the days to come."     -Martha

"Dan, I have been so touched by your emotion and your desire to share your most remarkable insights with us. My own emotions ran the gamut of joy to tears and tears of joy! Thank you for your gift to us. Many blessings to you as you love and touch more hearts."     -Dave E.

"The words you've chosen are deeply evoking of communication with my essence. You are so gifted as an artist and musician. Please keep sharing your unique gifts."    -Mary K.

"This was an unexpected joy. Thanks for the personal gift of your voice, your words and variety of instrumental talents. I'll pass along a smile! "    -Scott S.

"It is inspirational...a reminder that I have Love to give & to be grateful for the everyday opportunities to spread joy & to be open to receive joy."    -Barbara P.

"It was lovely, inspirational, full of love...Songs were words of truth."     -Denise C.

"OASIS is an atmosphere where you do not feel threatened, but feel protected and accepted"   - Roger N.


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Dan Erdman Bio

Dan Erdman has been committed to searching for and teaching the truths of life & love after two intense experiences at the age of seven.  He has worked in a wide variety of occupations, meeting incredible life teachers in each.

He�s walked a spiritual path which involved deep participation in Vatican II as a teenager, New Jerusalem, a Charismatic Community in Cincinnati, New Thought Unity in Cincinnati & other cities in which he has lived, the Society of Friends & the Unitarian-Universalist Church, as well as his own personal study of books on the topics of life, love, & spirituality. In 1996, he initiated �A Moment of Peace�, inviting people from around the world to share just 5 minutes together each May 5.

Dan has written close to sixty songs, some to celebrate the love he shared with family & friends, some to inspire & teach, some for children and others for adults. He�s also written several books to share what he has learned, co-authoring & publishing Yoga & the 21st Century Man, with his friend & Yoga Mentor, Roger Null, & not yet published: Living From Eternity, Princess Julienne, & A Gift of Flowering Stone.  Oasis is his newest creation. He�d love to share it with YOU.

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Performance Pictures
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Oktoberfest 2014 with Noelle - Soakla

Aromas Java & Gelato
Picture - Thanks to Bonne Peavy







Dan & Noelle - Soakla - 2014 




Tricia & Nate's Wedding - Waxahachie, TX - May 26, 2014
Picture - Thanks to Laura Erdman





Cincinnati's Contemporary Art Center,
Honoring Women event

February 14, 2013









Cincinnati Arts Sampler - Rosenthorns Contra Dance Band
February 9, 2013

Band Members, Left to Right: Rose Rekers, Anne Cooper, Tim Stanforth, Mary Rekers, & Dan Erdman


With Irwin Diehl at Cincinnati's National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for a TedX Event
October 4, 2012










Fall 2011 at Full Art Spectrum
With Marcia Erdman & Irwin Diehl









August 28, 2011 House Concert

Left to Right: Irwin Diehl, Bonnie Schantz, Marcia Erdman, Guest keyboard player - Chuck Gurth, and Dan Erdman.

Thanks to Nancy Broermann for the picture.




June 10,2011 with Tim Stanforth - Refuge Coffeebar









May 8, 2010 Benefit Concert for Heifer International

Left to Right: Rob Ellig, Tim Stanforth, guest singer Chola, Dan Erdman, Ryan Maichrye

It was cold !!





February 18, 2011 - 1st of numerous concerts at Refuge Coffee Bar, 5010 Glenway in Price Hill - Cincinnati







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