Marcia Erdman
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Three in One Concepts FacilitatorMarcia Erdman - Three in One Facilitator

Marcia was trained in Three in One Concepts Energy Diffusions in 1997, and has since helped hundreds of people release blocks to feeling good emotionally with this fascinating process.

Diffusions are based on the idea that each experience in our lives imprints at the cellular level in our bodies. Some events create such fear, sadness, or other negative emotional content that we become stuck, not able to create freely in that area of our life.

By accessing the body's memory at the cellular level, these blocks can be removed, and more freedom experienced. You can experience life more in present time more of the time and have more fun, by removing the energy blocks that have you living out of your past.

(Side Note from Dan: I was very skeptical of this when we first visited another facilitator in 1996. However, when that person helped me realize, then release some of the blocks I had about being the second son in my family, I was able to live more of my true, happier self in being a leader.)

Life Coach for Women

Do you want to FEEL GOOD as a your relationships with...

-Other women?

     -Men in your life?


     -Your Body?

For many years, Marcia has been a friend, confidant, & energy healer for many women, offering solace, spiritual & relationship guidance, & best of all - unconditional acceptance.

She's also served as an Elder Companion, helping numerous clients in making their final life transitions with kindness, gentleness, and deep spiritual understanding. She understands depression & the way out of self-limiting beliefs.

If you'd like guidance to move forward in your life as a woman with kind acceptance AS YOU ARE NOW, contact Marcia.

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