A Global Moment of Peace

Please give a Moment to Peace, for just 5 minutes, each year

at 5 AM & 5 PM Greenwich Mean Time, on May 5th

Next Date: 5/5/20, for 5 minutes, at 5 AM & 5 PM (GMT).


For the time in your time zone, refer to any time zone reference table, one linked here.


During those 5 minutes, just be, think, or do something that is peaceful to you.

That's all.


Consider this a global rest, a break, a chance for as many humans as possible to focus on something we all want - peace of mind, or peace in our families, or peace in our communities, or peace among nations, and/or peace among religions & races. There is power in focus, especially when a group focuses its energies.


What this is not:

This is not an ad campaign. I'm not collecting names, email addresses, or money. This is a simple html page, with no virus, no pop ups, no trickery. This is not a hoax or some secret plan by any organization.

What it is:

It's just 1 guy wanting to "get his human family together" for a brief family meeting, to enjoy just a moment of peace together.



A brief history of the Peace Moment

In 1995, I woke up from a dream with this idea...to ask the entire human race to join together for a very brief time, for just a moment, for a positive purpose, without a catastrophe to link us, all to help make our world and life more joyful.

I organized the first Peace Moment to take place on August 13, 1996. I wrote to the largest newspaper in 110 countries of the world. I heard back from two, with one, in Latvia actually sending me what they had printed. I also wrote to world personalities whom I thought would be supportive. I knew Coretta Scott King, and she was immediately supportive. I also received letters from Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and Mr. (Fred) Rogers, who offered their support.

Click HERE to read the original invitation.

I attended a conference that year on conflict resolution. Many teachers there with whom I spoke asked me to move the event to the school year in the United States so their students could get involved. So I did. The 2nd and 3rd years, it took place on May 5, at 5 AM & 5 PM  Greenwich Mean Time.

I stopped hosting these after 3 years because I was concerned my ego was too involved, and I wanted to make sure that I was at peace myself.

Now, after many years further down my spiritual journey, I DO feel more at peace with myself and the world, and do not feel as though this is an 'ego trip'.  I am wanting to leave a legacy, having done more than just talk about creating peace in my life. I have focused on being at peace myself, and being a peaceful person in my family and in my community. I am desiring that I make a difference in our world, helping those alive today and those in future generations enjoy each other and their life together here more than we have in the past. I believe that taking a brief moment together can be a beginning for that.

I plan to offer this each year, on 5/5, at 5 am and 5 pm GMT.

Below are links scanned copies of the letters from Mother Theresa & Mr. Rogers, a picture of Coretta Scott King when she visited the school where I was serving as principal (Poinciana Day School, West Palm Beach, FL), and front page of the Latvian newspaper article about the Peace Moment. I've also created a "Flag of Humanity", a picture and description of which I will link from this page.

Please feel free to translate this page, email this message, send it to as many as your heart desires.

That's all. Please join me.

Thank you!

Wishing each of you peace of mind & heart, and more joy in your life,
A Fellow Human, in love with Life, our Earth, and Humankind.

Dan Erdman


Mother Theresa response

Mr. Fred Rogers response

Latvian newspaper article - front page

Latvian newspaper article - article continued from front page

Coretta Scott King visit to Poinciana Day School with
Mr. Brian Clement -Board Member & Dan - Principal

 "I Have a Dream" Tribute to Coretta Scott King & Martin Luther King

Flag of Humanity


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