A Global Moment of Peace

Join me in giving peace a chance for just 5 minutes,

at 5 AM & 5 PM Greenwich Mean Time, on May 5

On 5/5/11, for 5 minutes, at 5 AM & 5 PM (GMT).

For the time in your time zone, refer to any time zone reference table, one linked here.

 The original letter for the original date - August 13, 1996 is shown below.

The following year, the date was changed to May 5, 5/5/97 and since then, has remained on 5/5 of each year.

Dearest Fellow Humans, Children of the Earth included, 

Could I have just 5 minutes of your time?  Before you say no, let me take just a moment to explain. 

I'm not selling anything.  I don't want your money.  I don't want you to give me anything except 5 minutes of your time.   

"What's the deal," you say?  

About a year and a half ago, I awoke from a dream (call me crazy if you like)with a very clear message to request that our race of humans experience just a moment of peace--together.   

"What do you mean?" you ask. 

Here's how it would work:  Every human who could be contacted and convinced would take the same 10 minutes (5 minutes for each awake hemisphere) to focus or center on, pray for, or act or live in peace, all at one time.  It would take place on August 13, 1996 at two times,5 minutes each, beginning at 5 AM and 5 PM Greenwich Mean Time--that's the international standard to which other time zones refer.  

Just recently I received word that a group of folks in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, are organizing this particular day as a World Day of Peace, Personal to Global, with all kinds of events, and I would like this brief moment of peace to be included in that day's celebration.  In my dream it was requested that these few minutes transcend national, political, idealogical, religious, racial, sexual, age, and any other barriers.  It is meant solely to benefit each human and all of humankind.   

"Wait a minute!" you exclaim.  "There are millions of people who only care about getting what they want through violence or greed.  There are millions who could care less about world peace. There are millions of others who would think this all a big joke, and not give it a moment's merit."   

My answer to these comments is simple.  I don't believe that there is a conscious human on this earth that does not want peace of some form in his or her life.  I also believe that each person is good, no matter what and how many hurtful actions he or she may decide to perform.  There are many that seem not to care about global peace or peaceful neighborhoods.  Furthermore, I know there are millions that are full of rage or grief from experiences in their lives.  Someone may not have room in his or her broken heart to care about other people.  However, I know that within each person, there is a desire to be at rest for a moment, to feel contentment within.  This is opportunity as a planet of individuals to "give peace a chance" (as singer-songwriter John Lennon wrote), for just 5 minutes, TOGETHER. 

"What would each person do for that 5 (or 10) minutes?"   

There are many things one could do in this moment of peace.  One could simply sit quietly in a chair and enjoy the silence, or a favorite piece of music.  One could do something good for oneself or with one's family or friends that does not take away good from another human.  One could take a walk and enjoy the beauty of our planet in whatever form is available.  One could focus one's thoughts on how to attain another small step in personal peace or contentment while allowing others to pursure their own peace.  One could mentally or actively engage in the direction of a reconciliation, either with another, or oneself.  One could choose to pray for peace in whatever form his or her religious beliefs direct.  One could choose to gather in some family or community meeting to celebrate the event with others.  One could take the time to think if there might be a more peaceful means of obtaining what one's heart truly desires, be that money to enjoy life more fully, self-esteem, or security from harm. 

"Why should we do this?  What's to be gained?" 

I believe that to the extent that each human participates, he or she would gain something.  It might just be the remembrance of a momentary rest from the anxiety of life that one could carry in one's heart.  It might be a lifelong reminder that peace inside oneself, and with others, is possible.  It might be part of a daylong celebration of peace.  It might be the beginning of a new era for humankind and opportunity to focus on the acceptance of our differences and peaceful resolution of conflicts as positive aspects which enrich our human experience.  It's only 5 minutes, just a moment in time, and yet it could ring throughout the ages as an extremely significant event--a moment when EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET worked together for our individual and global benefit. 

Finally, someone might ask me, "What are you trying to gain by this?"  

My answer:  I believe in peace.  All my life, I have tried, in my limited way, to live in peace, within myself and with others.  As a teacher, I hope that I have helped students find some peace within themselves and give them the tools to find it with others.  I would certainly gain an enormous amount of satisfaction knowing that I contributed to the peace of the human race, or to that of just one more person.  My heart has swelled with joy when I have helped others find some peace in their lives before.  I would love to experience the lightness of joy shared by millions.  Also, I would be answering the nearly constant call (within me) to communicate this message, this request, given for all of you from the dream that I had a year and a half ago.  Oh, and by the way, I do not want your money. 

Once these letters are written and sent, I hold no ownership to this idea of this moment of peace--it belongs to all of you, the race of humankind. However, I would certainly help in any way I could.  In fact, I plan to help the organizers THE PEACEMAKERS for this World Day of Peace, scheduled for August 13, 1996.  

If you could give just 5 minutes of your time, I would be eternally grateful.Or, if you would like, join those who are celebrating peace for the entire day.  Or join those who are focusing each day to walk in peace within ourselves, and with each of you. 

Please copy, translate, etc., this message, or communicate it to as many folks as you wish all over the globe so that we can have as many humans as possible join together in our beautiful diversity, just for a moment of peace.  May you and all you love live in peace and joy. 

With thanks & love for each of you,
Dan Erdman 

Who:      Every human

What:     A moment of peace, personal to global

When:     World Day of Peace, August 13, 1996

          5 minutes each, at 5 AM and 5 PM, Greenwich time    

          (I am hoping that communications media can help organize local times.)

Where:    Planet Earth