Want to feel better without long a workout routine?

Discover the benefits of practicing Yoga throughout your day instead of trying to stick to a long, grueling workout routine.

Hatha Yoga is a 5,000 year old system for developing and maintaining health and wellness.
Now men are finding that this book can help them maintain an active lifestyle with strength, focus, balance, flexibility, and stress coping skills that Yoga offers. It's great as a stand alone guide or a complement to weekly Yoga classes.

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You won't find pictures of pretzel-like, "Yoga models" in this book, just Roger Null, a 73 year old, former truck driver and several of his students, including co-author, Dan Erdman, in an easy to follow format.

For 35+ years, Roger has been teaching a few men (and lots of women) how they can maintain health and wellness with these simple, life changing techniques.  As Roger says to his students, "Give it a try and ask yourself, How does it feel?"    180+ Pictures !

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