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Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover Gray

Hello Ladies,

This blog is for you!  Time out from the troubles of the world – and time to dig into a steamy, erotic novel. My wife & I checked out the trailer for the new movie coming out soon when we ran across an article saying that women would rather read about sex than partake in it.  In that spirit, I’ve decided to cash in on the phenomenon and offer you a little tickler here on my blog…

Rated R – for Ridiculous…
Here’s Installment 1 of the Erotic Trilogy – Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover Gray

She was looking forward to the darkness of night to envelope her, wrap her in its arms, and give her thrills that so many woman yearn to experience.  With the three little ones tucked safely into bed after a day of bondage – hanging onto her from one room to another, wanting her, wanting all of her, she quietly slipped into her Red room, with posters of the Cincinnati baseball team sporting the striped walls. Her man glided in just after her from his normal position on the couch after watching the Bengals win another nail biter.

He was tired, that was clear, but hungry for her – almost as much as the kids. She slipped into something more comfortable as he unloaded in the next room with a few primal grunts & groans.  As soon as she found a comfortable position, her lover stomped into the bedroom and rolled onto her side of the bed – desire in his eyes and hands flopping everywhere.

Thirty long seconds later, they lay exhausted; he snored his way into dreams of the Superbowl while she picked up her favorite book, while pensively considering what lay ahead.

By Worst Selling Author – Dan Erdman

Performing Sunday Morning, 1/24/16

Hi All,
Marcia & I are providing some music for Garden Park Unity’s service Sunday morning, 1/24/16.
Service starts at 11 AM.  Located at Cheviot (enter parking lot just before the light) & Galbraith Road.

All the best! Keep warm…and here’s a new little line, which tickled my brain when it showed up:

Says one eternal Pessimist to Another: “We have nothing to fear, but cheer itself.”
Enjoy!  –Dan

Puns coming your way…

I woke up this morning with this pun in my head…believe it or not…Here it is…are you ready to groan?

So, I wanted to buy something to protect my guitar in this cold weather, but what I bought kept closing every time I tried to get the guitar out to play it.  I checked with my attorney about taking it to court…and she said she thought it would be an open and shut case.

Well, I was so strung out and keyed up about it, that I got the hives, which looked like scales, yuck!  On that note, I think I’ll end this story and Refrain from telling you how well versed I am in other musical matters, but you can feel free to add comments in concert with my bad jokes.

I hope these puns warm your heart on this frigid Monday morning.

Thanks for reading!