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International Day of Yoga – Tuesday Evening – June 21

Hi All,
As you start your week, I thought you might want to know about this FREE event TOMORROW, Tuesday, 6/21/16.

Liberty Center Foundation sponsors a celebration of the International Day of Yoga
An Evening of FREE Events – Join us for a relaxing, rejuvenating evening!

Follow this link for more information & to RSVP ( It will help to know how many are attending):

Sabin Hall – 7539 Haskell Street, Liberty Township, OH 45069
I-75 – same exit as 129 going into Hamilton – Liberty Way

5-6 PM: Open House, when food & drinks are provided.
6-7 PM: Lilias Folan ( PBS TV show Lilias Yoga & You) speaks
7:15 PM: Kids Yoga Activities ( It’s lot of fun to watch too. )
8 PM: Sunset Yoga – My friend, Yoga Teacher Pooja Malhotra will lead this gentle session

Listen to my music from 5-6 for the Open House – to complement your conversations.
I’ll also play to accompany the Kid’s Yoga Activities & Sunset Yoga

I’d love to see you there! Come for part or the entire evening!

If you would like updates on my music events, please SUBSCRIBE to this blog.


PS – I also performed at Homearama last Thursday – at house #4 – Homes by Gerbus – built by our wonderful, generous neighbors and will return again this week…To Be Determined.

Partner Yoga & Live Music!

Happy Spring, Happy April, Everyone!

This coming Friday, Roger Null will lead a 2 hour session of Partner Yoga while I play instrumental guitar & Native American flute music. We just did this recently and those in attendance thoroughly enjoyed it…I heard lots of laughter and saw lots of smiles while I played the music.

Here are the details:
When: Friday, April 8, 7-9 PM
Where: Evendale Community Center, Evendale, OH
10500 Reading Road, Evendale, Ohio 45241

How Much: $20/person
Contact/Register: (513) 563-2247
More Information: The Yoga instruction will be gentle enough for new-comers, so this is a great opportunity to give Yoga a try in an easy, fun way. If you need to eat before, take in a light snack. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Post-Surgery Yoga Testimonial

Randy Side Angle Pose with Jeep

Randy Side Angle Pose with Jeep

Note from Dan…
Roger Null, who is the wisdom behind our book, Yoga & the 21st Century Man, Fitting Yoga Into a Busy Man’s Life, received the
unedited email below from one of his faithful students recently. Randy’s picture is on the inside cover of our book & shown here.

Randy is an engineer who rebuilds jeeps as a hobby. He loves how Yoga helps him enjoy life.  Here’s the email…


The surgery went well and I am back home. Still under the influence of some
drugs but I wanted to share with you a funny story that made my day.

When I woke up in the recovery room my body felt compressed like I had
shrunk to 5 foot. I started to do some deep breathing to clear the cobwebs
from my brain and a nurse walking by asked if I was alright and I said yes.
After that I started to stretch my legs and arms. Pushing my feet to the
wall and such. Another nurse asked if I was alright. Yes I am fine I

I felt pretty good so I sat up and got into the lotus poison. Boy did that
feel good. I did some neck rolls and a few belly breaths and yet another
nurse asked if I was OK.

My back felt really tight so while in the lotus position I bent forward
until my head was on the bed, much like I do in class. Well that got things
started. I stayed there for a few breathes and then felt a hand on my back
asking in a frantic voice ‘are you all right’? I replied yes as I sat up to
see 3 nurses and a doctor standing around me. Yes I am fine just doing some
Yoga to wake up. Oh, was the reply from the nurse that had her hand on my
back. I looked at the doctor and he just smiled and walked away. Within 15
minutes I was out of recovery and getting ready to go home.

“Yoga is Good”
“Life is Good.”


3 Minutes to Calm

Hi All – Welcome to 2014!

So you’ve gotten through the holidays and are ready to tackle the challenges of the new year?  Here’s a Yoga tip that can help in ANY situation where you want to live in the fullness of who you are – focused, alive, and centered – and calm.

Take a deep breath…Yes, you’ve heard that before, right….but wait, there’s more…and the more is the key….  When you take that deep breath, count how many seconds it takes to completely fill your lungs.  When they are full, hold that breath for just a few (3-4 seconds – don’t stress yourself with holding too long), then Exhale – and make the exhalation last 2x as long as it took to inhale.

I have used this Yoga breathing technique to calm myself before performing music, when I’ve gotten upset – in the midst of some experience, AND when I was Principal of Poinciana Day School, in West Palm, I used it WITH children who had become frantic after getting hurt on the playground. I would get right in the child’s face, and ask then to breathe with me, and soon they were calm.

Once, I was having tests done in a hospital and was hooked up to a heart monitor. I thought it would be fun to see the science of that breathing technique – up close and personal. My starting heart rate was 62. After 2 minutes of this “Relaxation Breathing”, my heart rate was 49!

What does this mean?  Whenever you can calm your heart rate through breathing, it sends a message to the Adrenals (glands) to slow production of adrenaline, and thus calms any fight or flight stress hormones in your body.  Since we’ve created lots of “tigers” from which to run in our modern lives, some of which we experience very often, we get “stressed out” – which, in my mind means that we have too much adrenalin running through our system on a regular basis – rather than the hormone’s original intention – to heighten the body’s performance for a short while when faced with danger and a survival situation.

I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice, but for any who are interested, as Roger L. Null says, “Investigate it for yourself.”  See how it feels, and if you are so inclined, post a comment about your experience.

The ebb and flow of life…. Wooooooooshhhhhhhh …  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Why I Love Yoga

Dan's Silly Yoga Picture

Pretzel Yoga in Grand Canyon

As the picture demonstrates, this is why I LOVE Yoga. I can get my body into all kinds of contorted shapes AND levitate!  HOOHAH!


In 2005, I was traveling quite a bit for work, driving to Nashville from Cincinnati regularly and flying to Queretaro, Mexico quite a bit. I spent long days working at a computer, sitting in conference rooms, not moving much.

I knew that my health was going downhill because of the sedentary work I was doing, and I wanted something I could do to help stay healthy. I wasn’t aiming to run marathons, climb mountains, or swim across the Atlantic – at least, not then.  I just wanted to make sure my heart, lungs, and all those other important parts of my life kept doing their thing with a smile on their faces.

My wife Marcia and I saw that the local YMCA (Lakota in Liberty Township, OH) had a guy, Roger Null teaching a class. We thought we’d give it a try.  We had taken a couple of Yoga classes when we lived in West Palm Beach, FL, but didn’t like it because the instructor was hell-bent on me being hell-bent. When I didn’t get into the pose as it was supposed to look, he would push my body into it…and that didn’t feel good on several levels.

But Roger was different – way different!  Roger kept saying during the class, “Ask yourself – and you don’t have to answer me out loud, ‘How does it feel?’, and it should feel good all the time.”  Through Roger’s practical and wise instruction, I learned how to listen to my body and do whatever Yoga pose is needed to FEEL GOOD!

I was once interviewed on a local TV station for a segment on our book (check it out on our website), and was asked if I could sum up what Yoga was for me. I said it was simply a discipline for joy

….more about yoga later…for now, I have to go put my legs behind my head and stand on my shoulders.

Enjoying life…