Performance Tonight – College Hill Coffee Company 7:30-9:30

Hi All,

If you’d like to enjoy some delicious food, beverages, and enjoyable conversation with friends –  with music to complement it all, consider joining me at College Hill Coffee Company tonight, 3/18/16 – I’ll be performing instrumental music 7:30-8:30, and more lively originals & possibly a few favorite covers 8:30-9:30 pm.  Marcia is going to join me on some too !

May there always be a song in your heart,

Dan’s February 2016 Music Events…Etc…

Hi All,
For those interested, here’s my current lineup of Music Events this Month…See Below…

CD Information: I’m finalizing production of 2 CD’s in early March
On Strings of a Dove – 2nd Edition
Into the Very Heart of Me – Instrumentals
I will send out a note when these will be released for sale

Partner Yoga & Live Instrumental Music @ Grace Tree Yoga Studio
8933 West Chester Road, West Chester, OH 45069
Friday, 2/12/16, 6:30-8:30 pm
Roger Null, Master Yoga Teacher (47+ years) will provide 2 hours of Partner & Individual Yoga.
I will play relaxing instrumental guitar & Native American flute as background.
Room is limited…Sign up ASAP…

Dan brings music & fun… @ New Thought Unity Children’s Sunday School
1401 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206
Sunday, 2/14/16, 10:30-11:30 am
Dan joins Maria & Karen for an hour of fun music & spiritual lessons for children

I’ll be attending Antsy McClain’s Concert at St. X 2/27/16!  Come join the fun!
Information & ticket sales

Dan offers instrumental music @ Pancake Brunch Fundraiser – St. Bernard Annex
745 Derby Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45232
Sunday, 2/28/16, 11 am – 1 pm

I will play quiet, instrumental music to complement conversation at this fundraiser for the homeless & hungry in Cincinnati.
More information:

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My main intention is to share the power, beauty, & joy of music with those who are attracting that into their lives.     -Dan

Performing Sunday Morning, 1/24/16

Hi All,
Marcia & I are providing some music for Garden Park Unity’s service Sunday morning, 1/24/16.
Service starts at 11 AM.  Located at Cheviot (enter parking lot just before the light) & Galbraith Road.

All the best! Keep warm…and here’s a new little line, which tickled my brain when it showed up:

Says one eternal Pessimist to Another: “We have nothing to fear, but cheer itself.”
Enjoy!  –Dan

Upcoming Music

Hi All,
Here’s where I’ll be sharing my music in November.

Saturday, 11/14/15 – Aroma’s Java & Gelato:  6 – 8:30 pm – ALL ORIGINALS
6407 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248

Sunday 11/15/15 – XU’s Alternative Gift Fair:  10 am – 1:30 pm – Originals/Covers – Instrumentals
XU Gallagher Student Center Rotunda – 3815 Ledgewood Ave.

Saturday, 11/21/15 – Oasis & Pot Luck Dinner: 5 – 8:30 pm
St. Bernard Annex in Spring Grove Village

May there always be a song in your heart!

Upcoming Oasis Evenings

Hello Everyone,

I had mentioned on Facebook recently that I would be using my blog to post announcements of music events so those interested could subscribe to receive email notifications about them.

Here’s my first post of upcoming music events. If interested in hearing about these or future events, please enter your email address and click Subscribe.

I’ll be offering Oasis at 2 locations (so far) this fall:
Click HERE for a description of Oasis & comments from past participants.

Friday Evening – 10/16/15 – Arrive – 6:30 – Grace Tree Yoga Studio – West Chester, Ohio
Click HERE for more information about this event.
Click HERE to Register.

Saturday Evening, 11/21/15 – Arrive 6 pm – St. Bernard Annex, 735 Derby Avenue, 45224
Donations benefit St. Bernard Church.
Registration is not required – but helpful to know if you’re coming to plan seating.

I’m also grateful to be offering music for the Out of the Darkness Walk,

Sunday, 10/18/15 – Arrive no later than 6 pm
Click HERE for for more information & to register

May there always be a song in your heart!

Introducing my Danish friend…Anne-Marie Madsen

Hi All,

I think what Anne-Marie has to say about being “unemployed” is wise – as she processes her feelings – caused by beliefs about herself over her lifetime – and finding new beliefs.  While the translation from her Danish to English may not flow perfectly, the feelings and concepts do.  I hope you enjoy her “guest-post” below.  -dan

Here also is a link to her blog, (with Google translator) in case you want to subscribe and follow her:

Some days of my career as unemployed
3rd Friday of April 2014 
Another night of despair and powerlessness … Unemployment and my job situation seems hopeless to me ..
Again I sit and write, as I have done countless times .. write to me about being here and now in life while having no ideas about where I work-life is going …
Yes I have lots of ideas about what I want to do the work … But no opportunities at the moment, since I’m on special training allowance and the rules for what I can and do … Is infinite immeasurable.
I am fully aware of when I write this public … Yes there may be some things being equal, give me good advice, “you can of course also” or “have you tried?”
Thank you I want NO good advice … I want my work back .. That all I wanted …
a place in society – where I can express myself and use my experience, creativity and WANT to be in business.
Every day I focus on “make peace with where you are” – because I want peace in me, I want to believe THAT I have a chance in business ..
The faith I have had a long time …. And on and off, I have it today ..
It challenges me mega much that on the one hand want the job soon came into view on the other side having no ideas about what could being my job opportunity …
My work experience is becoming day by day growing older … And my human experience as unemployed, more and more …
The shadow side of me when it comes to unemployment is that I come in contact with the conflicts in me, one side of me who believe in one or more options, the other side of me as defeatist criticize me, to continue to hope. .. How stupid can I go on. to be? ..
This evening, the tears had run wild … Sobbing redeeming crying …
Describe the different feelings I feel … Step by step, as I allowed myself to cry, be sad and feel the impotence ..
Many years of unemployment means I daily focus on how I feel, to keep to the uncertainty about when the situation will change …
A special paradox … That I simply gets better and better to feel myself … How can I include it in my resume?
My whole life situation about work and earnings …
Call on me either focused on my desire and hope for a change is on the way … Or the helplessness hopelessness.
I know the helplessness and hopelessness .. And my experience is that I begin to see life as a struggle when I focus on powerlessness and hopelessness.
When I focus on my wishes and hopes … confidence that something must happen … There must be change on the horizon … I’m coming too, as today, in contact with helplessness and hopelessness … through this focus becomes a temporary condition … a temporary condition that can take several days, hours or minutes, but somewhere in me, I know I’m going through these feelings and when I get through them and out … Do I feel my desires , hope and trust, AGAIN …
Powerlessness has taught me to be gentle with me … Teach me more and more, I’m in the situation more needs to be met, spoken kindly to me, seen and heard me for my pain AND my desire AND hope that I am moving on in my life
Ignorance … Brings me aware of now … The future that finally “the next now” I do not know the outcome of … I can hope … Hope that my job situation and earnings opportunities will change
It’s good for me to write this text … One way to keep my common sense and faith in – life …
My life ..
Self-criticism today was that I continue to believe in my chance to join the business, as I am, just who I am … with criticism, I asked myself this question .. How I can keep believe in my chances … Instead of accepting my situation beat me to calm down with that “such is my life” …
It just gives me no inner peace, to accept the situation as an ongoing condition in my life .. Because I feel a joy when I feel the desire, the hope and confidence in it as potentially an option in my life … my function in business …
This Friday is completed and Saturday has begun ..
With more peace in my body, I now give myself a good night’s sleep …
3rd Saturday in April.
Waking burdened by doubts as to the consequences of that I do not go to the exam in the course I am taking part in order to maintain an income and that I thought would be just me … AND I have not inform the job center where I am in relation to the exam. .
.On and off I focus on – All is working out for me … That I rest in unconditional love … That I’m in a safe universe that All is well and I’m going through, into something that I really want , my place of business ….
It’s almost unreal to continue to believe THAT it will happen … It reminds me of the story of the twins ego and spirit, (I think it’s from Wayne W. Dyer’s book – There’s a Spiritual Solution two Every Problem) .. . renewable faith / trust that spirit has to be a mother after giving birth … it’s kind of this internal dialogue I see in me … A part of me wants to settle down with it as is and there will be never change the other side of me that absolutely clear feel a joyful anticipation of something great is coming to happen to any forms in this process, something pleasing and something I really enjoy and love it to happen.
A confidentiality with the natural forces that hold together the entire cosmos …
Spirit is also aware of the ego can not hear what the spirit says about … And it is understandable spirit speaks and knows the very different approaches to life than ego makes … So ego think the spirit just have a good imagination and is completely out of control … So it’s finally understandably ego shakes his head, pulling and immerse themselves in what is believable and understandable,  real for ego …
Spirit must hold to be alone in his belief in that which comes without his twin to rejoice over it coming. Yes confidence and faith can be experienced as a alone process right now, and one day there will be something that ego can grasp the spirit talking about and feel. Someday ego begins Curious to listen and be interested in what is on track to happen …
Until then, travel ego and spirit next to each other, conversations sometimes. Most of the time understand the ego is not the spirit and withdraws from spirit ….
Rebel or reject the spirit and imaginative world and foolish ways to believe in life … Life after birth .. Life in love, peace and joy … How foolish to believe in the kind where the only thing that is is loss, impotence, cramped, emptiness and just the here and now … Feel sister here is done nothing but what is right here. There is what is and that’s it … Understand it! One day you will wake up from your dream about something other than this and realize I’m right ..
3rd Sunday in April
A friend told today she saw an opportunity for me to be a consultant for the unemployed …
I can recognize as an opportunity, I am very well trained in preserving me and, in touch with me through unemployment … I have experience and I have many to find themselves, preserves himself remain themselves – in the midst of unemployment …
I handed over all of this opportunity to my inner being .. And allows to get inspirations Guide how to proceed ….
I feel the inner turmoil … when I think of having to look for a job …. A return feeling NOW ..
4th Tuesday in April
Behind all this unemployment … Located also the much more serene awareness – I’m energy – spirit know it and do not relate to it … Ego … Would like to bring my focus out of control and get the doubt in me active … finally ok … for where I am right now, I’m aware of that part of me has completely calm around I have energy … And another part of me … Is good enough to deep water … and wish I was right where I am … It’s no fun to be challenged on self-awareness – with a focus on energy as I have access to the physical plane through a body … So energy comes before physical mass ….
This insight / awareness / knowledge is very easy to read for … Something else to integrate
Abraham Hicks’s More than you see DVD has given me good reminders and I have felt calm in the body more and more …
A logic about the countless experiences I have about energy and my life experiences, brings intragrationen more and more present and NOW HERE
4th Wednesday in April
Was with a friend who share a passion – Abraham-Hicks.
Very quickly, our common focus of today’s togetherness – the curiosity and the desire for clarity of what is feel Good activities / chores for us.
As we talked, I began to feel my passion for writing, express feelings, express myself inside out … That is what I LOVE to deal with.
The insight that I am good with people with special needs that I have focused on earlier .. Which I thought was my passion because I was good … I just was not happy in this work …
So today is the day when I take ownership of my career as unemployed, more and more I realize the life training I’ve gone through -> unemploymentis the training and shaping me as brings me to the decision to Feel Good is Good.
Could THROUGH conversation today feel the joy by focusing on the core of my passion – talking about feelings. I love to immerse myself in emotions, explore emotions and allow feelings because I will be glad to get comfortable with my feelings, get to know them and learn from the emotions. I experience feelings like a mega resource 
Career as unemployed (or something similar) is a good description of what I experience life has unfolded and I folded myself out through


 4th Thursday in April 

Let it be …. A phrase my friend and I repeatedly expressed yesterday … The wonder of how this focus brings peace in me and believe in what comes, what I create … 
One of the things I have now and I would like to turn to job opportunities are groups with a focus on Self-insight. Has now created material for the creative self-insight group I’ve had in several years and the new group with a focus on law of attraction, which I might join in. ..
The joy and satisfaction of creating materials for groups, nourishes my dream of it is that I create for my job in the business …
The theme of creative self-insight group – a whole … entire me …
Allowing all sides of us, being what they are … Some of us …
The Law of Attraction group is focusing Tell a Different Story … It will be my second meeting with the group. The first meeting was called on to create the materials, it’s wonderful when it’s what I love to deal with …
My friend from yesterday, has asked me to look after her cat and house next week … So Monday, I draw on the retreat, immersion into it that pleased me … The preparation for entry into the business … YES!
Step by step I focus my energy toward it that appeals to me, which nourishes me and I am delighted to think about is my job functions and possibilities … I love to feel the stability of my feelings … The stability of that I can deliberate focus … And feel the focus is also more stability where I focus my attention towards … In the direction of downstream, feel Good and allowing …