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Happy Valentine’s Day to Humanity

Celebrating Valentine’s Day – A day to celebrate love…

I hold a vision, an intention for the human race – for our present & our future together. I see cooperation, kindness, compassion, and respect for one another as the norm, regardless of our differences of experiences, opinions & world views – more so, a fascination with wanting to understand what those differences can offer as benefits to us all. I see a greater concern for the whole – in alignment with concern for my own life – however I define the scope of what is mine – my nation of origin, my color, my race, my creed, my generation, or my world view/politics. I see the expansion of human potential & consciousness – from the turmoil of adolescence to an era of more calm & confident young adulthood.

I see a world in which the richness of each religion, including atheism, contributes to the whole of our experience, just as the varying personalities of race and culture provide us with expanded potential for joy. I see peoples of religions respecting each other, recognizing that we all share the same SOURCE/GOD/LOVE, like siblings in a family having the same parents – learning to understand the goodness of each, in both our diversity & commonalities. I see an ever growing understanding of religious texts and histories, guided by love of GOD, self, and all others, that enlivens & inspires us to ever greater expansion of our individual & collective expressions of that the love that we are, with no diminishment to the value of those texts and histories.

I see the innate goodness of each person, each a being of love – expressing love in a multitude of manners and levels of maturity & clarity. If, in my interactions with others, I do not express this in my thoughts, words, or deeds, it is because my vision is fogged with feelings of fear, guilt, or un-worthiness – less mature expressions of the love that I am. I promise & intend to focus more on the truth of love – that we are all equal children of the same SOURCE/GOD/LOVE, whatever name & personality we might apply to that WHICH/WHO creates & sustains us.

I believe we were given this beautiful world as garden in which to live together in love – with our SOURCE/GOD/LOVE believing in our goodness, believing in our ability to continually grow in our expressions of love  – individually & collectively, allowing us – with free will, to co-create an ever expanding joyous life of love together.

I believe I am not alone in this vision. I believe that many hold this vision in their hearts – and that any expression of this vision, in word, in art, in music, in relationships, business, or political action, reminds us with a confident, peaceful voice within, “Yes, that is who I am, that is who we are, that is who I am becoming, that is who we are becoming.”

Acknowledging the love that you are,
Dan Erdman