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Join me for a Global Moment of Peace, 5/5 - 5 minutes @ 5 AM & 5 PM. 

Dan & Marcia are selling their house, 11777 Stone Mill Road - 45251 - Click for Details

Dan Erdman has been described as a gifted songwriter, an amazing
guitarist, and a singer with a voice that soothes the hearts of his

Dan's intentions for his concerts are that listeners feel deeply loved
and honored as spiritual/human beings, refreshed and ready to face
the adventures of life with a bounce in one's step.

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Are you wishing you weren't stuck in negative life patterns?

Marcia Erdman can help with the Three-In-One Defusion process.

Marcia ErdmanIt's simple, easy, and does not require you to even tell Marcia what your problem is. She simply accesses your body's cell memory with "muscle testing" which provides answers via a set of defined answers.

 - De-stress, discover your abundant authentic, Essential Self.

- Experience a good time in present time more of the time.

- Connect profoundly in loving relationships with self and others.

- Find greater personal freedom and fulfillment.

- Overcome obstacles to your full potential.

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Muscle testing and directed readings get straight to the heart of the matter, leading you to, and resulting in your own personal breakthroughs.

Skeptical? Most people are...until they try a session. Call Marcia (513) 245-1288 for more information


Dan's novel, published & available on Amazon, in print & Kindle.
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When Caterin, a young woman in an ancient culture, leaves her village on a quest to find the great queen Condly, she encounters riveting adventures, both physical & spiritual, as she travels through jungles, over mountains, and across vast plains. Her tales are captured in a journal, discovered in a mountain cave by a 20th century archaeological expedition of young people & their professor, leading each member on a journey similar to Caterin's - a journey into the heart.

With YOGA And the 21st Century Man, you can learn how to feel good every day, with Yoga.

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For 40+ years, Roger Null has been teaching a few men (and lots of women) how they can maintain health and wellness with simple, life changing techniques, most of which you can find in YOGA

As Roger says to his students, "Give it a try and ask yourself, 'How does it feel?'" With Yoga, YOU should always feel good.

180+ Pictures...Simple, clear instructions. Roger's wisdom will enrich YOUR life in this clearly written workbook. You'll use it until it becomes a part of every day life style!

Check out sample pages.

900+ people are enjoying their lives more because of our little book.

Contact: Dan.Erdman.Music@gmail.com

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