Promoting joyful living


Dan and Marcia Erdman provide an array of services and products that help you enjoy life more.

What we offer


  • Music Programs / Concerts
  • Energy Work / Personal Coaching
  • Senior Care / Companionship

For a more comprehensive understanding of what we offer, please see our respective pages, Dan and Marcia.

About Us

Your Wellness

We believe that Wellness begins within.


Our services focus on helping YOU grow beyond beliefs that limit your potential for happiness & accomplishing your true heart desires.

 There's much to see here. Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

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Expansion vs Healing

While healing happens in the physical body, we prefer emotional & mental healing to be considered an expansion of the expression of LOVE that you are in our world.

We  often discover what we want in life from experiencing what we don't want.

Thus, what we consider negative experiences help us expand to our happiest potential.

Life is Beautiful, Even the Challenges

Challenges help us determine and define the beauty of our lives.  

Without challenges, we would not know the depth & width of beauty available to us.