Our approach is unique and simple. We want to make it easy for you to fit Yoga into your day so you can feel good, all day long.  Basic knowledge & practice can bring great relief.

Do you want to feel better for less $ and a little effort each day?

Are you ready to join those who have discovered Yoga's benefits?

You can follow along with our book, Yoga and the 21st Century Man, Fitting Yoga Into a Busy Man's Life, co-authored by Dan Erdman and Roger Null.

Like many others have done with our book, enjoy more flexibility and freedom of movement, less pain, a more active lifestyle!



More about the Book

Every year, medical research is confirming more of Yoga's benefits.

Sports medicine & physical therapies are now including Yoga technique in treatment.

Sports teams, like Ohio State Football and Roger Bacon Basketball, have adopted Yoga as part of their training program.

Yoga can be incorporated into a routine workout or daily activities - during work, home, and play.

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It's practical, logical, and simple.  Over 180 pictures!

Learn from Roger Null, a 35+ year Yoga Instructor and Dan Erdman, career educator/trainer.

No matter what shape you're in now, you can do Yoga and feel better soon.

Workbook design for easy reading, easy to use, easy to follow.  Click here to view some sample pages.

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For 35+ years, Roger (left) has been teaching a few men, and several women, how they can maintain health and wellness with these simple, life changing techniques.  As Roger says to his students, "Give it a try and ask yourself, How does it feel?"   

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About Roger

Over the age of 85, Roger is still very passionate about life and enjoying all that he loves. What does he love?

His favorites are his wife Millie & his children & grandchildren.

He's an avid golfer who loved working at Crooked Tree Golf Course in Mason, Ohio as a Starter/Ranger. He's now retired.

And of course, he loves Yoga. 

Roger has been involved with Yoga since 1969 when first introduced to it. It didn't take long for him to dive in wholeheartedly to this passion.  In 1975, he co-founded CYTA, Cincinnati Yoga Teachers' Association, helping Yoga teachers and practitioners through developing a network for training and support. He served for many years on the Board of Directors as President.

Roger also delights in music of all kinds, classical, rock & roll, folk, and Yogic chanting; he often brought musical references into his Yoga classes.

Roger earned money to care for his family by driving 18 wheel tractor trailers for many years. Prior to that he built house foundations for Day Precision Wall in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Roger retired from teaching Yoga classes each week in Spring, 2019 after 50+ years of teaching. Just before he retired (at age 85) he was teaching at Lakota YMCA, Evendale Community Center, a neighborhood's activity center, & private lessons for a man in his 90's.

yoga - testimonials



We've received many informal comments from folks who have purchased our book. Most say that the pictures & instructions are very helpful, especially since the book lays flat when opened (with the specially designed spine).

One gentleman told us he keeps the book open on his desk at work. Others have told us that they used specific poses for pain management and stress relief.  

I was willing to invest my time & money in creating this book because it helped me cope with long hours in conference rooms, and a work-travel schedule that limited my options for maintaining my health. Roger & I both are often told that we look much younger than our ages. 

As Roger often said in his classes, "Give it (yoga) a try and ask yourself, 'How does it feel?'"