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Dan Erdman offers various music programs, as well as a number of other products. 

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Dan, singer/songwriter, would like to share music with you and your community.  With his background and experience, Dan can tailor his music to fit your needs.





Experience a refreshing, relaxing break from your life journey with Oasis, which creates an atmosphere in which each participant feels deeply loved - accepted just as they are.





Check out some of Dan's uplifting lyrics on a tee, a mug, a tote....

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Fantasy Fiction



Dan and his..., Roger Null... specifically designed and formatted to lay flat on the floor for easy viewing during your stretch...

Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction


Caterin's Story, A Gift of Flowering Stone

Peace Moment

Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction


Join Dan in a Global Moment of Peace each year on 5/5 for 5 minutes @ 5 am & 5 pm GMT.

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Dan's Music

Dan loves life and the human family. He shares that passion in the songs he writes, and in his performances of originals and covers.  His desire for his audience/community is for greater appreciation of oneself and the beauty of life, each day having a song in the heart and feeling good in the midst of challenges. 

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General Program Info

With 70+ songs and more on the drawing table, Dan's songwriting talents span from pensive instrumentals to fun sing-alongs, to love songs, and everything between (including originals and covers). 

Dan plays classical style guitar, as well as other instruments including the Native American flute, piano and banjo.  Depending on the audience and event, he can play soothing instrumentals, more lively, entertaining songs, or a fun combination.

Dan's classical guitar foundation is evident in his compositions and performances.  His participation in choirs, glee clubs, and bands during his childhood & teen years led him to the joys of writing and singing across the continuum of human emotion...and, creating a program that is just right for you and your community.  

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Communities

Dan recognizes the value in playing specifically for seniors and spreading joy to them through his music.  He happily plays in the halls to help calm residents or a community room for group entertainment.

Preschool / Daycare Programs

Dan is absolutely delighted when his music inspires smiles from students that are in the early stages of appreciating music and its many facets.  Dan has created a program tailored to little ones that not only they love, but the teachers do too (maybe even more so!).


Dan has been hired to play during and/or after many services.  His uplifting music pairs well with ministry messages.

Special Events

Dan has been asked to play at memorials, parties, and other special events.  He is more than happy to discuss whether or not his musical talents are a match for your next event.


Pricing will vary based on various factors.  Please contact Dan directly for information.

Dan Erdman - Music Testimonials


General Testimonials

I find myself humming a song during my day, then realize that it's one of Dan's.
          - Michele Stegman, Writer from Indiana
Dan's music never fails to uplift me.  Love is the source of his musical writing, singing and playing. After I directed my clients to listen to Dan's music, one of them told me her ill husband had really needed to hear it.
          - Marifran K.

Preschool / Daycare Testimonials

 Mr. Dan is a favorite guest in our Pre-K classroom! He is incredibly talented in writing songs, as well as in the instruments he plays. When he comes to visit he always provides a positive, fun, and engaging music time with the children. Mr. Dan’s nap-time CD has been a gift to us!! We were having a lot of issues with children falling asleep and staying asleep. We noticed a huge difference when we started using his CD. The music is relaxing and calming and perfect for a peaceful nap time! We also love to play it during projects or art lessons to help keep the kids engaged and focused. 

         - Ms. Winkler, PK1 Teacher

Mr. Dan has visited our classroom two different times, and the kids have loved him. They respond so well to the instruments that he brings in and the fun songs that he sings with them. The great thing is, he doesn’t just perform for the kids, but he gives them actions to do, parts to sing, and games to play so they are actively involved. We were also having trouble finding music that would calm the children for nap time, but when we began to use his CD it worked nearly instantly. We saw a huge difference in the calmness of the kids and how fast they fell asleep to the peaceful music. I am so grateful that he has been able to have a such a wonderful impact on our classroom. 

         - Mrs. Curtis, PK1 Teacher

Special Events - Testimonials

Dan graciously donated his time  to play at a wine tasting event I coordinated for the American Cancer Society last February (2010). The event was truly enhanced by his music, as the sounds from his guitar added a touch of class and created a nice ambiance to the room which otherwise would have been filled only with the murmur of the crowd. Everyone at the event made so many comments about Dan's beautiful music that we asked him to play at our wine tasting again this year, which he has kindly agreed. I would highly recommend Dan as a musician if you are looking to truly enhance your  next event!
          - Erica W.

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Dan Erdman - Bio

More about Dan

Dan Erdman has been committed to searching for and teaching the truths of life & love after two intense experiences at the age of seven.  He has worked in a wide variety of occupations, meeting incredible life teachers in each.

He's walked a spiritual path which involved deep participation in Vatican II as a teenager, New Jerusalem, a Charismatic Community in Cincinnati, New Thought Unity in Cincinnati & other cities in which he has lived, the Society of Friends & the Unitarian-Universalist Church, as well as his own personal study of books on the topics of life, love, & spirituality. In 1996, he initiated "A Moment of Peace" that invites people from around the world to share just 5 minutes together each May 5.

Dan has written close to sixty songs, some to celebrate the love he shared with family & friends, some to inspire & teach, some for children and others for adults. He's also written several books to share what he has learned, co-authoring & publishing Yoga & the 21st Century Man, with his friend & Yoga Mentor, Roger Null, & not yet published: Living From Eternity, Princess Julienne, & A Gift of Flowering Stone.  Oasis is his newest creation. He would love to share it with YOU.


Service/Jobs & Volunteer Positions:

2019-present Contract Musician for The Cincinnati Arts Association - Artist in Healing program

2011-2019 Client Services Workflow Project Manager/Consultant for Rippe & Kingston LLC
1999-2010 Senior Information Technology Consultant for Fiberweb, LLC
2006-2009 Board Member/Web Administrator - Cincinnati Yoga Teachers' Association (CYTA)
2009-2010 Hatha Yoga Instructor
2005-2006 Board Member, Greater Cincinnati YMCA Child Development
1996-1999 Information Technology & Administrative Consultant, Editorial Consultant
1991-1995 Principal - Poinciana Day School, West Palm Beach, FL
1990-1991 Principal - Flagler Unity School (closed), West Palm Beach, FL
1985-1990 Language Arts Teacher - Ohio County Schools, IN
1981-1984 Truck Driver - Kluener Meat Packing, Cincinnati, OH