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Marcia offers energy work / personal coaching & senior care / companionship.

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Energy Work / Personal Coaching

Energy Work / Personal Coaching

Energy Work / Personal Coaching


Trained in 1997 as a Three in One Concepts Facilitator, Marcia defuses personal energy blocks and offers related coaching.

Senior Care / Companionship

Energy Work / Personal Coaching

Energy Work / Personal Coaching


An experienced Senior / Personal Care Companion, Marcia has provided quality care and companionship since 1974.

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Marcia Erdman - Energy Work / Personal Coaching


Defuse Energy Blocks

“Defusions” are based on the idea that each experience imprints at the cellular level. Some events create so much fear, sadness, or hurt, conscious or unconscious, that we become stuck and not able to move beyond them.  This method helps release negative patterns and self-sabotage for individuals of any age.


Muscle testing and Three in One Concepts material get to the heart of the matter quickly and easily.  Start feeling more freedom and deeper joy today! 


For me, Defusions take energy that has been spiraling in an unhealthy direction and put a new spin on it.  They have helped me look at life from an entirely new perspective. 

               -Tammy McPherson

After each Defusion session with Marcia for various health and personal issues, I always leave feeling lifted up, safe, and ready to face whatever comes my way.  Honestly, she is amazing. I am so happy I found Marcia, and I believe strongly in the Defusion process. 

               - Bev Bowers 


Rates are flexible.  Discounts can be discussed for consecutive, pre-paid sessions. 

Cash, check, credit, SquareUp, or Zelle payments accepted 

Marcia Erdman - Senior / Personal Care Companion


Senior / Personal Care Companion

In addition to friendly companionship, Marcia plans and encourages fun outings and/or activities based upon your loved one's abilities.  Marcia is also available to help with laundry, chores, food prep, errands, and appointments.


Marcia was a godsend as a companion for my 89-year-old mother, Marilyn, for two years.  Marilyn always looked forward to their visits, and the quality time Marcia spent with my mom allowed me to recharge and pursue my own interests.  I couldn't be more pleased with Marcia's ability to meet elderly people wherever they are and bring some needed light into their daily lives. 

            - Steve Broermann


Steve Broermann / 513.404.4684

Jim & Mary Hartkemeyer / 513.869.0022


Chris Boyd / 513.805.5677 


Pricing typically runs approximately $20/hr (varies due to needs, distance, etc.).  Due to less overhead, prices are competitive against in-home elderly care agencies.

Cash, check, credit, SquareUp, or Zelle payments accepted 

Marcia Erdman - Bio

More about Marcia

Marcia has been a friend, confidant, & energy healer for many women over the years, offering solace, spiritual & relationship guidance, & best of all, unconditional acceptance.

She's also served as an Elder Companion, helping numerous clients in making their final life transitions with kindness, gentleness, and deep spiritual understanding. She understands depression & the way out of self-limiting beliefs.